Pillar Client Events

Aging and Fraud Protection

Chris Bafus and Keith Radmaker, the planners in our Spokane office, hosted an educational seminar "Aging and Fraud Protection" on October 12. The speaker was detective Kirk Kimberly from the Spokane police department. About 35 guests listened as he discussed how often common aging frauds occur, how to quickly recognize them, what steps to take to prevent becoming a victim, and what to do if you are the target. Everyone agreed that the information presented was very useful and timely.

Chris event pic #2



Mini Antiques Road Show

On June 28, the Vancouver office of Pillar Financial Group hosted a Mini Antiques Road Show event at the Marshall Center. About 30 clients and other guests attended, each bringing an old item to be informally appraised. Gary Germer, a very experienced appraiser, came over from Portland and spent two hours evaluating our items. There were items ranging in value from $20 to $6,000. Some, like the “cash cow,” a piece of folk art, were unexpectedly valuable, and some were unexpectedly not so valuable. He explained how various classes of collectibles go up and down in value. For example, old clocks are not so collectible right now, but pieces of old costume jewelry and dresses from the early 1900s are very collectible. It was an informative, sometimes hilarious evening!